7 foods that are safe for Diabetics

- January 13, 2018
The food that are safe for Diabetics - Diabetics is a metabolic disorder disease glucose-induced insulin production or impaired insulin retention. As a result, blood sugar levels increase dramatically. Increased blood sugar levels should soon stabilize in order not to trigger other diseases are feared to be complications of diabetes. The most practical way to bring down the sugar levels is to maintain a diet that is consumed.

In general, diabetics are advised to not consume rice and other carbohydrate sources. The dangers that arise when we often consume large amounts of carbohydrates will be increasingly triggered a spike in blood sugar.

A lot of news circulating that gives the information that we are advised to choice other alternative such as porridge or rice cake. You need to know that the more easily a meal to digest then it will increasingly triggered a spike in blood sugar.

It is because the glucose produced from these foods tend to enter the blood. This is what happens if you make congee and rice cake as an alternative food for diabetics. Thus, the assumption about "porridge is good for diabetics" this needs to be justified. If we are too often consume the pulp, then the early symptoms of diabetes it will getting worse.

Here are 7 foods that are safe for diabetics

Mineral Water

Mineral water is the source of life. Mineral waters have a large part in helping to accelerate the metabolism in your body. Mineral water will also neutralize the toxins and saturated fats in your body. It is recommended you remove thirsty with mineral water instead of sweet water or fizzy drinks.

Whole Wheat Bread

Many misguided good foods for diabetics is pureed chicken. Whereas the following foods contain carbohydrates which in fact may increase blood sugar levels in your body. Instead, we recommend that you replace it with whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread is rich in fiber and other nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, chroum, folate and magnesium. Gandung proved effective could reduce the risk of diabetes and heart ache.


Diabetics are strongly encouraged to eat fish. If the fat on meat is best avoided, it does not apply to fat fish. Fatty fish such as catfish, tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring and fish contain omega-3 fatty arterial vessels launched that is useful in a beat up wicked fat and plaque is attached to. Omega-3 is also able to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood. So, the fish is good for diabetics. And we recommend not to fry fish, but cooked with steamed, or soup.

String beans

In addition to a low carbohydrate content, it turns out that beans are also rich in nutrients. The content is useful to facilitate digestion while keeping blood sugar stays low.


Nuts contain omega-3, vitamin E, and magnesium are good for diabetics. The content is able to control sugar levels in the blood. So for those of you diabetics wanting to fill your leisure with snacking, then we recommend selecting the beans to accompany your snacking time.


In addition to functioning as an anti cancer, turns out to be useful also in the chili burn fat, calories, and increase the body's metabolism. So for diabetics who love eating spicy hadn't worried with chili. Because chilies included food for diabetics compulsory consumption. However, the efficacy of chili will be wasted if you eat it fried or served together in fatty foods such as padang cuisine. Try the chili in a mixture of pepes, soup, or chili sauce.

Fat-free milk and Yogurt

Fat-free milk and yogurt contain calcium and vitamin D which helps lose weight and increase the resilience of insulin. This great content for you diabetics.

7 foods that are safe for diabetics are some of the foods I've observed from several trusted sources of health information. Don't forget the balance with sports as well as for the stability of the body's immune system.

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