The danger of having sex during pregnancy

- January 10, 2018
The danger of having sex during pregnancy - Having sex during pregnancy still needs to be done for harmony with the couple remains well established. However, there are still things you should consider in sex when you are pregnant young. Do not get a wrong step because it could be the danger of having sex when pregnant young will stalk you.

Having sex when pregnant young is fairly safe, it's just that some women who are pregnant young feel reluctant to have intercourse due to frequent seeps of nausea and fatigue. In addition, there seems to be a fear of intimate danger when pregnant young people who naturally become self-consideration and partner. As for an intimate relationship risks becoming unsafe if the pregnant woman is experiencing certain medical conditions so it is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy. This medical condition may include a leaky membrane, placental abruption, a premature birthing history, prematurely opened uterus, twin fetuses, to unexplained vaginal bleeding.

However, as long as it does not undergo such medical conditions, the sex of a pregnant woman is considered safe. Even so, it never hurts to keep understanding things that can be dangerous if you want to have sex during pregnancy young, such as:

Infected with venereal disease

Ensure the cleanliness of the dildo or vibrator used during intercourse must be done. Especially if you want to use sex toy as a tool to arouse passion. In addition to paying attention to cleanliness, in using this sex toy, you must also understand the limits of its use. Do not use this sex aids too hard on your vagina.


Bleeding during a young pregnancy can occur if you have anal sex. The reason, anal sex in pregnant women can cause trauma placenta that triggers the occurrence of serious bleeding that endanger the fetus and yourself. Anal sex is also not recommended for those of you who have placenta previa and hemorrhoids. In patients with hemorrhoids, anal sex will only worsen the condition experienced.
You also need to be aware of the risk of anal sex as this sexual activity can injure the tissue and blood vessels in the anus.

Threaten your baby's safety

Having sex during pregnancy can threaten your baby if your partner has oral sex in an inappropriate manner. Like blowing the vagina that can trigger the occurrence of air embolism. When blowing the vagina, air bubbles will enter the vagina and into the blood circulation so that it can be life-threatening baby and yourself.

Be careful, oral sex still needs to be done with a safeguard to avoid self-infected sexually transmitted diseases.

Avoid sex when couples have certain diseases

Having sex during young pregnancies is also a risk of causing birth defects and miscarriages if couples have a history of sexually transmitted diseases, such as genital herpes. Although infrequent, pregnant women who are infected and infected with herpes early in the first trimester may pass the virus to the fetus through the placenta. This can cause birth defects and miscarriages. In addition, herpes can also be infected to the baby after birth and can lead to severe complications.

In order to minimize the possibility of the danger of having sex during pregnancy young, you are advised to check the health condition on a regular basis to a general practitioner or obstetrician.

Check also the health of the couple and the fetus to get complete certainty. Note, if you feel the cramp for a few minutes after having sex, then no need to panic because it is fairly normal. Cramps that never go away or the occurrence of other symptoms, such as the presence of bleeding, should be wary and immediately consult a doctor to get further treatment.

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