How To Healthy Diet Fruit Only

- May 15, 2018

How a healthy diet is to make eating vegetables and fresh fruits, in addition to balancing the other staple food servings. However, most people choose to take a shortcut by simply drinking mineral water and fruit to your diet in order to quickly thin. Because, the fruit is considered to contain a little bit of calories, so it is believed able to lose weight. But, did the diet with fruit only safe for the body?

The way diet fruit

As reported by from hellosehat (Web health). Similar can be said as the name suggests, the way diet by eating only fruit is a variation of fruits for 3 days in a row. Choice of fruit to the diet is up to us, however usually preferred the fruit which can make the stomach fullness for longer — such as avocados, apples, pears, and bananas. Fruits low in sugar (fruit sugar), Kinds of fruit such as the family of beri (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries), watermelon, kiwi and also be a good choice to help lose weight.

During the diet with fruit, you are only allowed to eat fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. You are also recommended to drink 12 bottles of water per day and avoid tea, coffee and drinks flavoured with others. Interestingly, You don't need to do any sport during was eating fruit for this diet.

The benefits of diets with fruit

Cannot be denied, fruits offer a myriad of health benefits for the body. Among other things:
  • Source of simple sugars, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Low in fat and calories
  • The fiber in fruit to help lower blood cholesterol and can help launch a bowel movements, so you avoid constipation.
The fruit is also rich in antioxidants, like flavonoids, vitamin C, and relationships. Antioxidants can protect the body from free radicals derived from the body as well as from outside the body, thereby helping You avoid the diseases, such as cancer.

The fruit can help protect body cells from damage and can also help rejuvenate the cells and tissues in the body, so that it presents to prevent you from aging.

Therefore, routinely eat fruit every day can make the body more fit and keep you from the risk of various diseases and health disorders thanks to his nutritional and nutrient content.

Diet with fruit is as a good way to lose weight, because the fiber fruit is able to keep you full longer so you will eat less in a day. Eat a bowl of strawberries will keep you full longer than eating a bowl of chopped meat.

Only eat fruit for a healthy diet is not necessarily

Basically, eat fruits to the diet is not prohibited. Increased intake of fresh fruit also have proven to be beneficial to the health of the body as a whole, in addition to losing weight.

You should be worried about is the portions. Whatever fruits still contain calories and sugar, though fairly low. Eating too much sugar in a short time can cause blood sugar levels soaring dramatically. Increased blood sugar levels just a little too is not good for the health of the body in the long run.

Diet with fruit alone can increase the risk of You affected by diabetes. Though indeed much less likely affected by diabetes just from eating fruit, but you still need to look at the risks. Because of the high sugar intake from diet fruit has yet to take into account the intake of sugar you can before and after diet this fruit finish.

On the other hand, the way a fruit diet is judged not so ideal for not looking at the nutritional variations. Indeed, fruit enriched by the variety of vitamins and minerals important for the body, but unfortunately, fruits minimal protein content. Fruits also do not contain essential fatty acids and amino acids needed by the body as much as found in meat, nuts, and seeds.

Thus, it is not impossible you can experience the specific nutritional deficiencies if live on a diet of fruit. Lack of protein, for example, will make Your muscle tissue is weakened. Inadequate calcium intake can increase your risk of experiencing bone diseases, such as osteoporosis. Iron deficiency makes you more susceptible 3 l (tired, weak, Lethargic) due to anemia. Eating too much fruit can also cause digestive trouble, ranging from flatulence, begah exhaust gas, cramps, continuously, until diarrhea.

The rules of safe eating fruit to your diet

Eat the fruit to the diet may-okay. Balanced nutrition guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health advises you to consume 5 portions of vegetables of fruit per day. One portion is equivalent to one medium-sized fruit types such as a citrus fruit n, one medium-size bananas, apples or one medium. It's also important to vary the type of fruit that we eat.

In addition, don't forget the other nutritional intake of other food sources in addition to fruit food. How a healthy diet is to always make sure we get a variety of different types of healthy foods, so that all the incoming balanced nutrition intake — nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking. That way we can live healthier.

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